Photo inkjet print on paper, framed
2@ 31 x 42 cm

These are from the image series Andscapes, which came from experimenting with photographing an installation of mine called Micro-planetary Territories, for which I drew longitude and latitude lines onto stones collected along the Baltic Sea coast – intentionally taken from a boundary space, between land and sea.

For me, ‘andscapes’ are ‘landscapes and’ – emphasizing the conjunction ‘and’ over ‘but’. Andscapes are spaces defined by inclusion rather than exclusion. The additive principle of the andscape makes a space for those qualities of surfaces and atmospheres that are often withdrawn, extra-sensory, or else regarded as outlying data or noise – andscapes recuperate those qualities that, when mapped, are typically edited out, dismissed as either cartographically insignificant or too complex for the purposes of a legible generalized model. To me, an andscape is a space that we encounter and observe while simultaneously being embedded in it; where we see a messiness of confounding variables, instead of editing them out, we welcome them into the manifold. Andscapes exact worlds from worlds. Andscapes welcome multiplicity. With andscapes, there are no ‘buts’.