Rough Sees (Projected Painting Surface Length)

one continuous Berliner Blau silk thread
0.02 x 10,083.67 cm
installation views at CLB Berlin gallery

A section of the one-square-meter painting High Seas (Berliner Blau) was measured using a micro-scanner (the MCAx Manual Coordinate Measuring Arm) at the German Metrology Institute in Berlin to reveal a surface roughness that, when stretched out in a single straight line, amounted to a surface length of 10,083.67 cm for the entire painting. This impossible kilometer within the object – unseen by the naked eye, an invisible distance condensed inside the canvas – is like the painting’s own coastline. At this level, the painting is longer than the wall on which it hangs. To represent this length made accessible through advanced technology, a single silk thread of the same length, dyed with Berliner Blau pigment, was run throughout the gallery space. The line responded to the architecture, taking on various forms that were most visible at human eye-level and disappearing out of view as it reached towards the ceiling and down to the floor. The choice of silk thread refers to the average length of silk fiber that is wound up and hidden in a single silkworm cocoon: 1 kilometer. 2 (CLB Facebook)_web.jpg 1 (CLB Facebook)_web.jpg