the artificial magic of the wondrous effects
of optics through direct vision

artist's book, softcover
80 pages, black & white
ISBN: 9783741848308

available at Motto Berlin
and Exgirlfriend gallery, Berlin
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At zero zoom, our eyes are in the dirt, we are inscribed in the map. This at the expense of vision. At the other end of the continuum is the view from the outside, the all-consuming gaze. This at the expense of the body. Meanwhile, the curved horizons of Earth are swallowed up by square horizons – those screens, speakers, documents, and images. The world rendered phenomenal by the artificial, the globe made sharp with corners. The title The Artificial Magic Of The Wondrous Effects Of Optics Through Direct Vision reflects the oscillation of this mad zoom, from the earthbound blind to the cosmonaut, from darkness to light, from the weight of the world to the vacuum of space, from the curved horizon to the circle to the square. Magic_web.jpg