composition for an august evening
to be read only when standing atop
the tallest hill in the highest village in england

Allenheads Contemporary Arts
Allenheads, UK
an action

A story folded up into the form of a paper rock is offered to the viewer to be carried up at walking speed to Killhope Law one August evening, whether this year or in some future year. The piece is completed once it is read.

The work emerged from the contemplation of wayfaring rocks, whether ejected from the ground or falling from the sky, their obscured and distant trails only visible to the mind’s eye. Deep time braces itself underfoot as fickle weather and stardust churn above. These time scales flex to meet at the human on the hill. While the world creates its own cinema without us, we can pull the realm of witness inside to meet our story.

The paper rocks are available at Allenheads Contemporary Arts center for anyone who wishes to make the journey.

spoiler alert for an August evening install_web.jpg