restless north

Gallery Akademija, Vilnius, Lithuania
installation: compass, tripod, webcam, live video monitor projection, magnetic north
1m x ~3,924.90308485km
photographs: Evi Pärn

At this very moment, magnetic north is wandering towards Siberia at an average speed of 7 meters per hour. A small camera is mounted on a hefty tripod and hovers closely over a hand compass, transmitting live video feed of the compass needle's position. The image is projected large into a corner of the room, both the beam and compass pointed due north, tethered to the great beyond. In this scaled-up construction, a perceptual distance is created between the object and the viewer, while the abstract, geographical distance is bridged: Introducing strangeness to a situation of imperceptibility can create a tension that connects human perception to the opaque fact of an event - not via effect, illusion, or illustration, not by proof, but by framing fact in a space of truth.